Showreel from 2012 (made in 2012 ready for 2013, hence the 2013 title) This is an old video that needs updating as I haven’t had much opportunity to work for any clients.

Screens from short animations I am currently doing. Need to work on a showreel soonish as I have no work to show for a good couple of years playing with 3D… 

Working on SVR. First 3D mock up done, plenty of planning needed to reach the final outcome. Teaser shot for now though. Needs much more work and lighting correctly and to be added to the scene created for it. 

Midnight Moment: “Eye Test” - 2x4 

Brilliant video showcasing simple use of shape and form 

Michael Shainblum

Awesome video using simple mirror effects. Made beautiful by the content of the video. 

Sometimes I enjoy taking the odd picture or two. 

Quick play with SoundKeys and Particular following a VCP tutorial. Tutor boosted through his workflow which is understandable but there needs to be time for users  to follow.

In this video, Adobe After Effects was looked at with the use of RedGiant’s Trapcode plugin. This was an experiment with the particular plugin and more on this will follow soon. 

Images from the ByAlex project (2012) showing one of the physical stages of the build. Before it realised it’s final iteration, the stand began as a response to the brief in the theme of Alice in Wonderland. As the project developed, the stark black and white contrast became the stronger and more visual focal point of the stand. This led to the 3D images displayed here to be the final proposed design. 

Screenshots from the late 2012 Showreel video

Live Brief (College) 2010 - Pliers Part 2 

Live Brief (College) 2010 - Pliers Part 1